19 Oct

Meet Baby Ethan

We were up at it bright + early this morning due to one little baby who thought it would be fun to wake up while it’s still dark.  However, a big cup of coffee + featuring these darling newborn photos makes it a little more bearable.  Sonja with Bel Ami Photography was able to capture sweet baby Ethan + his baby blues in all their glory while he was wide awake.  Most newborn sessions like to be shot while the baby is sleeping but we loved how Sonja opted to do it while he was awake.  The way you are able to see the world through these fresh pair of eyes, taking everything in for the very first time is pure magic.

littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_5 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_12 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_19 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_7 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_15 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_1 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_3 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_10 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_31 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_40 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_45 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_g1 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_g26 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_g43 littlepeanutmag_belamiphotography_babyethan_71

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