21 Jan

Ava’s Arriving {Baby Girl Shower}

Baby showers are always so much fun!  With all the excitement + anticipation of a new arrival what better way to celebrate than with a party.  This darling shower is everything you would want for a baby girl!  The sweet + talented duo of Sarah Tucker + Shannon Kirsten came together to throw an absolutely gorgeous shower.  We love the bright + cheerful color scheme, accented with the oh so cute pink flamingos.  The watercolor invitations were amazing and we of coarse loved the calligraphy touch.  We adored the darling DIY baby blocks that everyone could make to share with baby, what a cute way for momma + baby to remember the shower for time to come.  The food looked amazing!  You know how we feel about a good cheese board and this one did not seem to disappoint.  The drink bar looked so pretty with all the yummy concoctions.  This soiree looked like it was everything you could want and more!  Congrats to this cute momma on her upcoming little lady!

LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_2034LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1793 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1971 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1944 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1964 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_2014 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1995_2013 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1993 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1939_1979 LittlePeanutMag_Shannon KirstenPhoto_AvasArriving_2046 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1954 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_2048_2052 LittlePeanutMag_Shannon KirstenPhoto_AvasArriving_2056 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1958_2025 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1962 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_1966_1967 LittlePeanutMag_ShannonKirsten Photo_AvasArrival_2156

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