07 Aug

Let’s Just Celebrate {Classic Cars Party Kit}

Let’s just celebrate! That’s what parties are really all about… the celebrating and the fun! We really love planning and designing parties but we will also be the first to admit that they can be a lot of work and sometimes a lot of stress. If you want to create a darling set up for your little peanuts party but don’t want to have to scour pinterest for ideas and spend a lot of time running around to different party stores then we have the perfect solution for you!


 Let’s Just Celebrate is a well organized and designed party kit that comes with everything you need to through the perfect party. We have seen companies like this before and while the concept is fabulous, the designs can be a little cheesy. What instantly made us fall in love with Let’s Just Celebrate is their themes are totally stylish and adorable! The best part is they really do come with everything you need. Just add the food! It doesn’t get more amazing then that… and easier then that! You can do a complete party design with just the contents that come in the kit or it can also be a great base to get you started and you can add to it.


Today we are showing off the Classic Cars Party Kit that we designed using just the times in the kit! The minute we saw this party kit we knew it was right up our alley! We love the unique car settings and we know our little peanuts would go crazy at the idea of eating a mini burger and fries out of a cool car! The color palette is adorable and we love the black and white details! We really are impressed with this fabulous idea and company and for sure will be using their kits for our future parties! Make sure to check back next week as we share a sweet princess party we designed as well!


Thank you to Jessie Alexis for these darling images!


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