03 Feb

DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Backdrop

If you have flipped thru the pages of our new digital magazine you might have seen the amazing Valentine’s Day collaboration we did with Mrs. Fields. And if you haven’t seen it yet don’t you worry because this week we will be sharing lots more images and details about our party collaboration!

It’s no secret we love a good party and what better holiday to celebrate then the one centered around love! We love everything that goes into party planning from styling the table for our party guests to cooking up the perfect dishes to serve and we are here to share some great ideas and tips for creating a fun + festive Valentine’s Day party. When it comes to styling a holiday party for your family and friends there are a few key elements to think about. First off, figure out where you are going to set up your table and what type of backdrop you want to create to set the stage. We always love a visual backdrop whether it be a festive garland or something on a larger scale like a hanging installation or a giant DIY heart shape picture. Make a big impact by re-creating our eye catching heart backdrop… you only need a few simple items and it’s surprisingly easy!


2×2 wood poles
chicken wire
red paper napkins
nail gun

Start with the wood poles, which you can find at any home improvement store, and cut them to size. (Don’t be afraid to go big!) Nail them together to create a frame. Wrap the chicken wire across the frame and secure it in place with a staple gun.

With your choice of colored paper napkins, open up each napkin and shape it into a V-shaped flare (think badminton shuttlecock), and tuck the point into the chicken wire to secure it. Start by creating the shape outline and add as many napkins as necessary to fill in the shape.

And voila! Easy as that, and now you have the perfect frame base for any holiday- just change the shape and color. Think white for weddings, big block letters for a birthday—the sky is the limit!

LittlePeanutMagazine_DIY_Heart_Backdrop_2b LittlePeanutMagazine_DIY_Heart_Backdrop_4 LittlePeanutMagazine_DIY_Heart_Backdrop_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_DIY_Heart_Backdrop_5

Make sure to check back tomorrow as we share all of the details from this Valentine’s Day party for little peanuts!

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8 Responses to DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Backdrop

  1. Davey says:

    What paper did you use to that?

  2. Megan says:

    Hi Davey! You just use tissue paper that you can get at any store for gift wrapping!

  3. Lisah says:

    OMG I can’t wait to try this. Pending any free time away from two kids under two……….#amomslife

  4. Lucie says:

    do you secure the napkin in the back?

  5. cynthia quintero says:

    Amazing !

  6. Megan says:

    Nope you don’t have to! It will just hold right in place!

  7. Mary says:

    Very creative..

  8. Carol says:

    LOVE it, What a great idea!

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