06 Apr

Baby Blue | Boho Baby Shower Pt. 2

Yesterday we shared the first part of our Boho Baby Shower for our very own JaNee Arhets and to we are diving in even deeper and talking about our favorite part of this shower… the food! Food always makes or breaks a great event so we enlisted the help of our good friend + crazy talented, Chef Tom Call. With 17 years of professional culinary experience, Food Made By Tom sure knows his stuff when curating a meal for an event! For this spring celebration Tom chose a light ladies-who-lunch menu followed by plenty of yummy desserts!


Drink Blueberry Lemonade: This simple but refreshing sip is an easy-to-make signature drink, and a fruity nod to the color of the day.

LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_1 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_5 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_11 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_7

Salad Spring Vegetable Salad: This seasonal salad features King Salmon from British Columbia with a caviar vinaigrette, fennel, radish, and on-trend pickled artichoke. (Chef Tom Call gets his fish flown in fresh, but says you can find similar salmon at Harmon’s or Aquarius Fish Market in Salt Lake City.)

LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_6 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_13 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_8 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_12 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_9 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_10 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_21 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_20

For the dessert table we wanted to create a special corner in the room devoted to just the treats! To set this area apart we hung beautiful tie-dyed swaddles from Te Adoro which also made for a very beautiful visual aspect to the space. On the vintage table below the swaddles we displayed the goodies!

Dessert Berry-Themed Desserts: Why have one dessert when you can have three? Chef Tom Call chose the following for a sweet finale: Tillamook Huckleberry Ice Cream scooped right out of the container and into bowls (why mess with a good thing?); huckleberry profiteroles (aka French cream puffs), a scrumptious alternative to cupcakes or cake; and fromage blanc panna cotta, a tangy treat made with crème fraîche and cream, sweetened with maple syrup, topped with a fresh blueberry and blackberry jam, and served in individual glass jars.

LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_17 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_14 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_2 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_4 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_3 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_15 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_16 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_19 LittlePeanutMagazine_Boho_Baby_Shower_Food_18

A huge thank you to Tom Call for helping us make this celebration honoring JaNee + baby boy so special! We hope you all enjoyed this feature + takeaway some form of inspiration for your next event!

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