22 Sep

Abbey & Sweet Little Peanut Ivy

Happy Monday morning all!  Being a mother is such a wonderful and precious gift and we are delighted to share this mother-daughter session with you.  Bloom and Grow did an amazing job of capturing the bond and connection between this beautiful duo.


Its one thing to become a mom to a new little one, its a completely different to bring a daughter into the world. You instantly have this tiny pair of eyes looking up at you for every step of how to grow into a lady. How she should act, who she should become, how to be kind and how to find love, she finds all of that in you. In this session, I wanted to simply document the relationship between me and my little lady. No reason, except to capture a growing bond. From her fingers running through my hair, to the way she snuggles so close against my, to the simple moments of us just being together. 



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