28 Jan

These Children Are Our Children {Photography by Duston Todd}

Today we are sharing something that has deeply touched and moved us a parents. A community that has come together to take action with whatever means they have to fight hate and violence with love. We recently passed the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Tragedy that hit all of our hearts with extreme sadness. We all held our little ones a little closer that day and prayed for those families that lost their precious children.


As a father himself, Duston Todd, helped organize away to honor and celebrate the children in our lives by offering free portrait sessions to raise donations and awareness for the Sandy Hook Memorial Fund. Approximately 40 individual families and 75 individual children portraits were taken, all for rising up and taking meaningful action. one child, one portrait, and one click at a time.


“We live in a world of metaphor and symbolism, where everything represents something else. and when our children, our precious symbols of love and goodness, are threatened or even violently taken from this earth, it is time we rise and take meaningful action. it is time we boldly face the evil author of all destruction. These children are our children, and they urgently need us – as we need them. they carry our symbols of hope, prosperity, purity, love, truth, joy, endless wonder and imagination… and that is exactly what i aim to photograph, honor, embrace, and forever protect.”


We need more goodness in this world. It starts with you, it starts with us, it starts in our homes. It’s found in selflessness, in gratitude, and unconditional love. We are beyond touched by this movement and knew it was something we wanted to share. The beautiful faces of these sweet children and the love you can feel in the embrace of these families. These children are our children.  We encourage you to go out and do a little good today!


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