22 Apr

7A.M. Enfant Bags {Products We Love}

When you have little peanuts you most likely are also carrying around a diaper bag everywhere you go. Finding the perfect diaper bag that is functional and also stylish can be hard to come across. We are completely obsessed with our 7A.M Enfant bags and want to tell you all about them! Besides the fun + bright colors the Barcelona and the Voyage bags are perfect because they don’t actually look like a diaper bag and can still be used after that “phase”!  They have great compartments and accessories + are unisex. Our favorite feature of these bags has to be the material and how lightweight they are! Seriously! We tend to carry around a lot more treats, clothing, toys and diapers then we need so having a lightweight bag is really important.


We can’t say enough great things about these bags and we had a blast spending the day out in the sun with our boys! Thank you so much to our good friend Jacque Lynn for hanging out with us and snagging a few pictures of us!


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