03 Jun

A Day at the Zoo with Harper & Bay

Last week we had the pleasure of co-hosting a fun event with Harper & Bay at the Hogle Zoo for some of our local mama friends + their little peanuts. Today we are sharing pictures from our event + also wanted to introduce you to a new amazing company! Harper & Bay offers stylish dresses for breastfeeding moms that can be worn while you are breastfeeding and even when you are not! Founder, Taisja Mayfield, was inspired to create on trend nursing dresses from her own struggles with breastfeeding and finding clothing that was stylish and affordable.

“I started Harper & Bay when  I became a mother to my first sweetheart , Eden Bay.  I wanted to breastfeed Eden, and soon after she was born I found out that breastfeeding would be the single most challenging and rewarding experience for me as a new mom.  I had a hard time with my milk supply being low and poor Eden was starving. After working with an amazing lactation consultant, many pep talks from my husband and a LOT of fenugreek tablets, my milk finally came in and I was able to experience how great nursing my baby could be. On top of milk supply struggles, I also found it very hard to nurse in many of my clothes (especially my dresses). So I put my fashion design degree to good use and started designing and sewing prototypes of my breastfeeding dresses.”

It was so nice to spend a beautiful afternoon with our families adventuring through the local zoo and spotting our favorite animals. Each little kiddo was able to fill an adventure backpack with treats, animal hand tattoos, an animal spotter card, handmade binoculars,  and their favorite was of course the fun zoo animal ears from Opposite of Far. Take a glimpse into our afternoon at the zoo below and we also encourage you to check out Harper & Bay’s new summer collection! We know you will love these dresses as much as we do!

H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_86 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_02 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_26 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_06 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_29 littlepeanutmag_harperandbay_zoo_event_1 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_40 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_07 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_41 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_13 littlepeanutmag_harperandbay_zoo_event_3 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_42 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_16 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_38 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_45 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_24 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_35 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_37 littlepeanutmag_harperandbay_zoo_event_2 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_44 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_51 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_27 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_48 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_61 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_57 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_63 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_67 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_64 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_74 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_66 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_83 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_73 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_76 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_80 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_78 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_81 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_84 H&B_LPM_BeckyKimballPhoto_52

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