26 Jul

A New Take on Prenatal Vitamins

As mentioned previously we are going to be spending the next couple weeks talking everything about maternity + newborns while we wait for the newest baby boy to join the Little Peanut family! So let’s dive right in and talk about something we’ve never talked about here on LP… prenatal vitamins. We know, we know. There’s not really a whole lot of excitement that comes along with taking vitamins every day but we here to tell you that it’s time to get excited! There are so many options when it comes to prenatal vitamins these days and if your first visit to your OB when you found out you were prego was anything like ours then you walked away with tons of samples to try out. While it’s important that you are just taking some kind of prenatal vitamin while you are pregnant, they aren’t all created (or packaged) the same!

Bringing a baby to term puts a real set of nutritional demands on your body. Taking prenatals helps support your developing baby and your own body with critical nutrients like folate for neural tube development, iron to support the additional blood circulating, and choline which is essential for brain development. Today we are sharing a couple of our favorite innovated prenatal vitamins that are changing the game + sharing some quick tips about taking prenatals!

What benefit does a prenatal give me over a regular vitamin?

One of the major focuses of a prenatal formula is to ensure that moms-to-be get enough folate, aka vitamin B9. Folate is necessary to prevent spinal cord development issues in the developing fetus and helps impact a developing baby even in the earliest stages of pregnancy. For this reason, anyone looking to become pregnant or currently pregnant should take a prenatal that includes a healthy dose of folate. Recent studies demonstrate that methylfolate, a naturally-occurring and bioavailable source of folate, may be the ideal form over plain folic acid, which is synthetic and can create absorption issues for some individuals.

When should I start taking a prenatal vitamin?

It’s a good idea to take prenatal vitamins throughout your pregnancy, but the earlier the better! Certain nutrients, like folic acid, can help with your baby’s development in the earliest stages of pregnancy, but it’s important throughout all the phases of your baby’s development to get the essential prenatal nutrients.

Will prenatal vitamins make me feel nauseous?

Many women experience nausea during their pregnancy – and the term “morning sickness” is a bit of a misnomer since it can happen at any time during the day. Our prenatal formulation is designed to be gentle on the stomach, so it’s unlikely to worsen nausea you may be feeling. Taking your prenatal with a meal can lessen the likelihood that you feel nausea related to taking your vitamins. If you do feel nauseous when you take supplements, let us know and reach out to your doctor as well to create a plan to get the nutrients you need.

When should I take my prenatal vitamins?

We advise taking your prenatals with a meal, and it’s a good idea to choose a consistent meal time to ensure regular dosing and that you don’t miss a day. The goal is just to take your prenatal on a daily basis, and it’s perfectly fine to take both your prenatals at the same time with the same meal.

One brand that really sets itself apart in creating a personalized prenatal vitamin is Care/of. We were instantly impressed when opening our first box and noticing that everything was personalized! Even the cute little packets say “Made for Megan” on each one! So what’s the difference between this brand and every other brand out there you ask? Quality meets convenience and all at a reasonable price! Each packet comes with all the essential vitamins you need contently packaged in a little pouch that you take daily. We really love that you can easily through a pack in your bag and take with you anywhere and you don’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of bottles or bags with different pills. The prenatal nutrients are made from the best ingredients + no need to replenish different pill bottles that run out at different times!

Along with the prenatal vitamin you can customize your daily packet to include other important vitamins for expecting moms such as calcium, iron, probiotic blend, fish oil and a veggie omega.

Another great option that also comes in the cute little daily package that we are obsessed with is Forte Elements. We already mentioned this but really we must say it again because we love it so much… the little packages that include everything you need to take each day are so convenient and we love not having 3-4 different pill bottles that have different amounts in them to deal with! The Forte Elements Prenatal Pack includes 16 vitamins and minerals, more than other prenatal and multivitamins and supports energy levels, immune system, and heart + brain health. We also love that they not only offer vital nourishment for you and your baby during your pregnancy but they also offer a Postnatal Supplements  that include 35+ vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants carefully designed to help a woman feel energized and heal faster after giving birth. It supports your metabolism and nutrition as your body heals. And if you are nursing Forté Postnatal gives your baby the nutrition it needs to grow and fully develop + gives you peace of mind knowing you and your baby are receiving proper nutrition.

We hope this post gives you a new look at the boring old prenatal vitamin and we highly recommend either one of these options when it comes to supplementing your body with the nutrients you need during pregnancy + after!

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