21 Aug

Back to School {Fun Learning Toys}

Today one of our little peanuts had his first day of pre-school and we are so excited to enter into this new journey and to continue to help him grow and learn. Today we are sharing a few of our favorite learning toys and games that are perfect for little students to do at home to continue expanding their minds and imaginations. Plus they are so cute and fun! We know your peanuts will have a blast playing and learning with these toys! We would love for you to share any great educational toys or games you play with your peanuts as well!


1. Bucket O’ Blocks | 102 blocks in different shapes, sizes and colors, your little architect will have a blast building magnificent cities and imaginations!

2. Wooden Magnet Letters |  Learning to spell simple words is an exciting first step in learning to write. Your little peanuts will love using these colorful magnetic letters to create words they recognize. And decorate your fridge!

3. Animals! Matching Game | From the crowing rooster to the giant orca whale, these colorful illustrations educate and exercise your little one’s memory with common and exotic animals.

4. Abacus | We love a traditional abacus because they are perfect for giving kids a hands-on opportunity to deepen their understanding of numbers and are so colorful and cute!

5. Alphabet Animals Flashcards | Youngsters can practice their ABCs with a cast of animal friends, in delightful textures and colors that make learning fun!

6. My Puzzle Tis of Thee | Feeling patriotic? Feel like putting a puzzle together? It’s never to early for your little ones to start learning their states and their unique shapes!

7. How Do Dino’s Count to Ten? | One of our favorite new reads! Dinos count from one to ten – from one teddy bear to four balls, and so on. In simple rhyme, these unique and lovable critters help children learn the basic numbers.

8. Letters Entertain You Puzzle | Looking for something that’s educational and fun? These colorful wooden letters fit in their corresponding grooves, providing a good time and good way to learn ABCs.

9. Tabletop Easel | Crafted to sit easily atop a table or desk, this double-sided design lets kids practice their writing skills, draw and create all kinds of artwork.

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