24 Sep

Bugaboo Buffalo | All-Terrain Stroller

We are continuing on our journey today through Zion National Park + talking about our go-to stroller when it comes to adventuring through the wild! The all-terrain Bugaboo Buffalo stroller is designed specifically for parents who want to go anywhere + who love to explore + discover. Whether that’s blazing a trail through the urban jungle, traveling across the country, or wandering through the desert-paved trails of Zion National Park, Bugaboo’s got you covered!

Bugaboo’s latest stroller, the Bugaboo Buffalo, is as at home in the city as it is on tough trails. This iconic stroller is well known in the baby gear world + at the top of the list when it comes to luxurious + stylish strollers; you might just call it the Range Rover of strollers! But is this lavish stroller brand really worth the investment + all the hype? We are here to truthfully answer that with a capital YES! It is! The sleek design far exceeded our expectations when it comes to a smooth ride + quality parts. Trust us when we say we’ve had our fair share of inexpensive strollers, all of which have lacked in quality + durability. In hindsight, it would have been wiser for us to invest in a long-term product like the Bugaboo Buffalo early on because it can keep up with, and take care of, our growing family.


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We love a good adventure + exploring the beautiful state we live in. The Bugaboo Buffalo allows us to share our love of the great outdoors with our little peanuts by bringing them along for the ride. This stroller is built tough enough for the Dad to maneuver, and also has an adjustable handlebar to help accommodate Mom.

Versatile, robust, and spacious, the one-piece-fold Bugaboo Buffalo has multiple luggage options, a high + spacious seat, and an extendable sun canopy for extra protection against the elements. The Bugaboo Family offers a wide range of stroller options that best fit your lifestyle. So no matter how rough your expedition, a stroll with Bugaboo Buffalo will definitely be a smooth ride.

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Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we adventure through other areas of our state + share a more of our favorite stroller brands + talk about how they can fit into your lifestyle.

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