05 May

Day at the Beach with Beachmate

We recently packed up our entire car + family and set off for a road trip vacation to California to spend more time as a family and just get away for a few days! We were in search of sandy beaches and we sure found one and instantly fell in love. This was by far our little peanut’s favorite part about the trip and we even started making plans to move to a little shack on the beach to live forever! That’s most likely not going to happen we will keep on dreaming!

The boys loved running in + out of the waves and of course building sandcastles! The one thing we made sure to bring along with us on this trip was our Beachmate system that makes going to the beach easy and fun for the whole family. Beachmate is an all-in-one stackable storage system in one canvas caddy that organizes the entire family’s beach essentials in a stylish way you can simply carry over your shoulder. No more juggling several bags over your shoulder or dragging awkward wheels through the sand!

IMG_8237 IMG_8319 IMG_8352 IMG_8378 IMG_8388 IMG_8611

The Beachmate system includes one large, 2 medium and 2 small buckets, 2 shovels, a soft cooler wrapped in a tote bag with shoulder strap. They also carry everything you need for a family beach day including kids and adult hats and t-shirts, turkish blankets and towels, with more accessories and apparel to be added later this year!

IMG_8697 IMG_8491 IMG_8517 IMG_8515 IMG_8567 IMG_8521

Beachmate is durable and functional! Say goodbye to broken shovels and take sandcastles to the next level. The bright shovels are molded from one piece of industrial- strength plastic, removing breakable pressure points and they never get lost in the sand. The Beachmate buckets are also strong, made from extra-think plastic that prevents bending and cracking with unbreakable nylon straps make for gentle handles. This system is for sure the last sand castle kit you will ever need!

IMG_8932 IMG_8529 IMG_8536 IMG_8588 IMG_8590 IMG_8596 IMG_8630

You can learn more and get your Beachmate for this summer at mybeachmate.com. We know you will instantly be obsessed as we were and we can’t wait to get our shovels in more sand this summer!

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  1. Alison Stewart says:


    I Love,LOVE that black swimsuit she is wearing. It is so perfect and I would love to have it. Could you please share the information where she got it? It would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!!!


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