18 May

Living Room Re-Model with Hallmark Floors

Let’s face it… when you’ve lived in your home for ten+ years there comes a point when you need to re-model your space + update things! This is exactly where we are at right now and we’ve slowly been remodeling each room in our house. We just finished up our kitchen and are currently working on our living room + dinning nook area. The biggest thing we needed to do to update things was re-paint our walls and get rid of our ten-year-old carpet! There’s not much that needs to be said about how gross carpet gets! So our main project has been ripping out our carpet and replacing it with a nice hardwood floor! This is something we’ve wanted to do for many years now and it was pretty much the best day ever when it finally happened!

When choosing the perfect hardwood floor for your space it can be challenging to know even where to begin. We stressed about this process for a while and the best option for us. Since this was a big investment we wanted to make sure we did our research and pick the best product that we knew we would love for several years to come. When we found Hallmark Floors we instantly knew this was the company we wanted to work with! Some of the things that initially drew us into Hallmark Floors was their quality products, variety of wood specie options and color options. We decided to pick an option from their Alta Vista Hardwood Collection which is a return to vintage European Design and is crafted out of French White Oak, a premier hardwood. We loved this collection because of its stability and wider widths + lengths.

We knew we wanted to go with a lighter wood option to make our space feel more modern + contemporary and after debating a little bit (there are just too many amazing color options to choose from) we decided to go with the Alta Vista Balboa. We loved this lighter color that also has a bit of a cooler tone to it which we thought would go nicely with the color pallet we were using for the space. We also loved that this wood is lightly sculpted & wire brushed 100% by hand, giving it a bit of a natural + worn look to it. Honestly, it’s the best light neutral wood floor color and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it’s turning out! Check out the inspiration for our living room below to get an idea of the colors, textures and patterns we will be using! We will also be sharing a few sneak peeks tomorrow in the space and talking about pillow styling!

SOURCES: Art Print | Lighting Fixture | Leather Chair | Balboa Hardwood Floors | Planter | Century Modern Rug | Milagro Pillow | Urbano Pillow

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