12 Oct

Master Bedroom Makeover | Modern Boho Style

When you’ve lived in your home for 10 years like we have there comes a point when it’s time for a renovation, re-model, face-lift… whatever you want to call! Trends change, colors changes and it just feels good to change things up every once in a while! And how doesn’t love a great room design to get inspired from? We’ve got a couple of these home re-model projects going on currently and excited to share them with you! Today we taking a glimpse into our editor, Megan Bailey’s, master bedroom that they recently updated. Megan shares some of her tips + favorite products with us!

“We’ve lived in our home for ten years and we’ve never hung any pictures in our room. This is one thing that I’ve always wanted to do but just never found anything that felt like us. If we were going to invest in artwork I wanted it to be something I would love looking at every single day for a long time. For our room update I decided to start with the artwork and then design the rest of the room to flow + coordinate with the artwork. I’ve been a long time lover of Minted and when I found out recently that they are now offering tons of fine art options that can be customized with framing options of your choice I was instantly hooked! I actually had a hard time deciding which pieces to go with but I ultimately chose to go with the Summer Yellow Cactus Print + Blue Cactus Print by the artist Wilder California. I’m completely obsessed with the quality of these prints and they fit perfectly on our big wall behind our bed. I chose to haveMinted frame these prints for me in their matte brass metal frames to coordinate with our Schoolhouse Electric lamps that we already had. I honestly loved the ease of ordering these prints on line and having them come already framed + ready to go!”

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“A quick way to update any space is a fresh new coat of paint or an entire color change in the room. We decided to take our room from a light gray to a bright clean white to make it feel fresh + airy. My favorite white paint that we’ve been using through-out our entire house is Sherwin-Williams in Extra White.”

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“The smaller decor pieces + details are what really make your room feel put together + polished. My style is minimalistic so I didn’t need much to complete this room but I knew I wanted to add a little warmth to the room with a perfect little cactus to compliment the prints. When it comes to plants in a home it’s all about the vase or pot you use. This can really bring them to life and add so much to your space. I’ve become obsessed with Convivial Productions and can’t get enough of their simple yet beautiful modern geometric pots (and even dishes!). Their Acacia Planter was the perfect addition to my nightstand and I’m simply smitten with it!”

littlepeanutmag_modern_boho_room_7 littlepeanutmag_modern_boho_room_4 “Another important thing I wanted to do in this room was find the perfect seating option to fit in our space. We’ve never really had any seating options in our room and this corner really needed some loving. I’ve been a huge fan of The Citizenry for a long time now and always oogle over all their pieces for the home. Their selection of artisan goods is perfection and I knew I wanted to include one of their popular leather chairs to fill this corner problem. A nice chair can be a big investment so it was important for me to have this piece be high quality and also fit the feel of the room. I decided to go with the Palermo Tripolina Chair that is handcrafted with thick 100% Argentinian vegetable-tanned polo saddle leather that, like a fine wine, ages beautifully! I know this is going to be a piece I’m going to love + cherish for a long time. To add a small pop of color to the room I love their Nizado Lumbar Pillow + Del Lago Pillows! The little pop of navy is exactly what this room needed to pull everything together!


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