28 Apr

Munchkin At Play

Watching our little ones grow + develop along the way brings so much joy to a parent.  With that it’s nice to give them every advantage that you can.  As you know we are huge supporters of Munchkin around here and we love how all of there products can help your child do this.  Play time is so important for children, in fact that is how they learn.  So with Munchkin’s huge line of toys it’s easy to find ones that will not only be fun for your little one but will also help them advance.  We absolutely love their Galaxy Light Up Foam Playmat!  Whether it be tummy time or just playing on the floor this mat offers a soft, large surface to roll around on and with it’s 10 sequences of LED light shows it will entertain your baby for quite some time.  We also love their Mozart Magic Cube that is sure to inspire creativity + interactive play.  It teaches how sounds combine to create 8 Mozart masterpieces with bright colors to go along with it.  With its soft, rounded corners, it’s easy + safe for any baby to hold, a perfect accompaniment to floor time play.

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