09 Apr

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring Giveaway

If you are a mom or a momma to be, chances are you have heard of Petunia Pickle Bottom and day dream about wearing one of their beautiful bags! We have been long time lovers of this stylish and sophisticated diaper bag and hand bag brand and we are so excited to share with you one of our favorite bags from their Spring 2014 line! And… we are GIVING AWAY {below} our favorite bag along with their limited edition scarf to one of our lovely readers!


We are really loving all of their fresh new Spring Bags and especially love their City Carryall in Union Square Stop. This fun yellow green is perfect for spring and welcoming summer and goes with almost any outfit! We love the subtle floral embossed pattern that creates a sophisticated charm look that can double as a purse. Featuring clever pockets for organization, a built-in changing station and multiple carrying options this is a must-have statement bag!


Did we mention the limited edition black scarf in the new Evening in Islington print?! Petunia Pickle Bottom designed this limited edition scarf to celebrate their favorite print of the season and it’s currently only in the hands of PPB employees and not available for sale. How amazing is that?! Make sure to enter below!


A big thank you to Megan Turley Photography for capturing a few shots of our favorite bag in action!



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260 Responses to Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring Giveaway

  1. Keri Burns says:

    Love the carryall in notting hill

  2. Janie H. says:

    City Carryall in Captivating Corinth. I love this color too!

  3. racquel.s says:

    I love the sashayed satchel!

  4. Latoya Cheeks says:

    City Caryall in yellow is my fave 🙂

  5. Kate White says:

    Love this! Such a cute spring colour!

  6. Desi J says:

    I would love the Petunia Union Square Stop bag featured in all the photos! I have a lot to carry with my 1 year old son and by surprise baby coming in August. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  7. sheena childs says:

    I love the satchel bag!

  8. Macquel DeWitt says:

    Oh my goodness! Love all the colors! I just love everything! I’m dying to get one of these bags!

  9. Kelly Crosby says:

    Expecting baby #2! I really need a good diaper bag!

  10. Geraldyne says:

    I love the Cosmopolitan Carryall in Key Lime Cream Cake!

  11. chastelle bennett says:

    I could only dream of having a bag that cute! It looks so well made & organized! I just love that gorgeous color!! ♥♥♥♥

  12. Stephanie says:

    Boxy Backpack in champs-elysees stop!

  13. Jamie Preston says:

    This is such a beautiful bag and such a gorgeous color! I love PPB!!

  14. Kaeleigh Klundt says:

    I love Petunia Pickle Bottom and this color is just AMAZING!

  15. Carolyn says:

    I love the Sashay Satchel in Breakfast in Berkshire!

  16. Nicole says:

    Love the unique style! Definitely does not look like a typical diaper bag. 🙂

  17. K L-Keshwani says:

    Love the spring-y color!

  18. Tiffany A. says:

    Love the city carryall!

  19. Jenni says:

    So cute!! I would love to win this bag.

  20. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says:

    I love the CITY CARRYALL Embossed the pink color

  21. Sandy says:

    City Carryall! Love it!

  22. Lauren Ham says:

    I like the city carry all

  23. Lindsay T says:

    I love the city carryall in notting-hill stop and champs-elyses stop!! 🙂

  24. Lily Kopets says:

    It’s the cutest color ever and perfect size. Would love to win it!

  25. Karina says:

    I think that the city carry all it’s such a beautiful bag

  26. Linda K. says:

    I like the Sashay satchel in Evening in Islington.

  27. Laura Ari says:

    I like the sashay sarchel in citron blooms

  28. Cheryl says:

    Love the champs-elysees stop and notting hill stop

  29. Melanie Ann says:

    Ohh you two are SO darn cute! Love your dress SO ,much btw.)

    I adore the cute boxy backpack in persimmon spice!!

  30. Camille A says:

    I love the Boxy Backpack in Notting-Hill Stop! Gorgeous spring color <3

  31. Taylor says:

    I LOVE THESE BAGS!!!! baby girl coming August so would totally love to rock one of these bags!

  32. JenniferB says:

    I like the touring tote in earl grey

  33. Ashley Robinson says:

    You and your son are adorable! Love the happy bright color of this bag!

  34. Ashley Robinson says:

    My favorite petunia pickle bottom bag is the touring tote in breakfast in Berkshire.

  35. Trina says:

    Love the city carryall in embossed pink!

  36. Trent says:

    Love the Early Gray touring tote!

  37. Jessica Cranney says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Jessica Cranney says:

    Sorry forgot to leave the bag i love…carryall in picnic in portugal!!

  39. siawvay says:

    wanderlust wallet in Captivating Corinth

  40. shellie says:

    City carryall in yellow is gorge!

  41. Haley R says:

    I love them all! It’s so hard to pick. I really want a touring tote in a bright fun color.

  42. Ashley C says:

    I love the Wistful Weekender in Southwest Skies


  43. Amanda S says:

    I love them all but the CITY CARRYALL
    in lights of Lisbon is my favorite!

  44. Francine says:

    I was not able to repost the photo on Instagram. How do I delete the entry for it? Thanks for your help.

  45. Cassandra says:

    What a cute bag!! I can get one before I get prego right?? Maybe the bag will get the ball rolling!! 😉 Such beautiful pictures!!

  46. Sarah C says:

    I love the wistful weekender in wandering-in-westbrook. So, so pretty. 🙂

  47. Elyse Miller says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!!!!

  48. Heather says:

    I like the cameo clutch:)

  49. Janessa says:

    I SOoo want to win!! I just had my second.. A girl this time and we would rock the hot pink city carry all!!! Fingers crossed

  50. Brittany says:

    I Love all petunia pickle bottom bags!!! Would love this one!!

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