24 Oct

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Our little growing peanuts are always going through new stages and learning knew developmental skills. Eating by themselves is always a big step for toddlers and can also be a stress on mommas. How to teach them to learn to feed themselves but also not make a gigantic mess! Our little peanut Bennie is going through this stage right now and wanting to do everything himself including trying to eat with utensils. And let’s face it… regular spoons and forks are really not that easy for small toddlers to maneuver. We were so excited when we came across the amazing and innovative product Num Num which solves our problem perfectly! These amazing dips allow babies starting at 6 months to learn to feed themselves with an incredibly easy and effective method. We have been using our Num Num dips for the past couple of months and can’t believe how great they work and how much our peanuts love them!


How it works. The dimpled head and channeled head grab and hold different thicknesses of first food just by dipping the Num Num into the food. The contoured handle is designed to comfortably and securely fit into a child’s hand and the innovative head is flat so there is no right or wrong way to hold it. Learn more about the story behind this amazing product and you can order your set online here. You can thank us later!


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