12 Jul

Promptly Journals

Don’t let the details be forgotten! As mother’s we notice all the beautiful details in our babies, from the shape of their toes, to the number of cowlicks on their head, to their favorite blanket. And we all know to well how quickly the time passes and how easy it can be to forget some of those simple yet important details. If you are like us then you want to document these moments but traditional journaling can be overwhelming and time consuming. Well we want to introduce you to an amazing solution, Promptly Journals! No overwhelming blank pages here friends! These beautifully design journals are custom tailored with prompts for every phase and year of your child’s life which makes recording quick, efficient and meaningful. All the memories you never want to forget all wrapped up in a beautiful book that can then be passed along to your grown-up little peanuts.

Designed by graphic designer, Jayne Swallow, each page is of course beautiful! We love her thoughts on why she created Promptly Journals: “I know the importance of journaling because I’ve already forgotten so much. I felt the guilt of not doing anything and knew I would regret it one day. And now with my second baby on the way, I knew I was running out of time to figure it out. In order for me to commit, I wanted a system that was doable – that I could start and finish completely. And not just with my first child, but for however many kids I have. A journal that was efficient but would record enough of the good details I never want to forget. I also wanted it ALL in 1 place. And being a designer, I wanted a beautiful product that would stand the test of time and outlast trends.”

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