25 Jun

Saranoni Blanket Giveaway {Products We Love}

From the moment we are born, blankets are a part of our lives. As children we hid under them to protect us from scary noises or to build awesome forts. As adults we use them to swaddle our infants, keep our little toddler warm and cocoon ourselves in them on the couch. The perfect blanket truly creates memories! We have been long time lovers of Saranoni Luxury Blankets because of the unique textures and quality materials they use. They really are completely snuggle-worthy and the best part is they can continue to be cherished as your little peanuts grow! Saranoni offers a wide range of sizes and colors from mini blankets that cover a newborn perfectly in the car seat to large throw blankets that can surround a whole family with warmth and comfort!  Our favorites would have to be the toddler to teen Bamboni Blankets because of the soft, light-weight texture that can be enjoyed during any season of the year and the Large Lush Blankets because of how incredibly soft and comfortable they are! For sure our families favorite blankets to play and cuddle in!


We love Saranoni blankets so much that we are GIVING AWAY a blanket of choice to one of our readers! We know it will become an instant favorite and you will be surprised at just how nice the quality is in person! You can tell by these images by Lindsey Orton Photography how much our little peanuts love their blankets! Make sure to enter the giveaway below!


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  1. Madeleine says:

    These blankets look amazing! Would love to have one for my baby coming in early September!

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