14 Jul

Stekki Bebe | Waterproof Baby Wraps

Baby wearing has become such a huge phenomenon over the past couple of years which is due in part to revambed + better products on the market that both mom + baby love. The goal of baby wearing is to help make daily tasks easier for parents by wearing baby in a wrap and freeing up hands for multitasking. We for one are huge fans of baby wearing and are so thrilled to share one of our new favorite brands, Stekki Bebe! This all-in-one baby wrap carrier has all the perks of regular wrap + the added ability of being waterproof! Yep you heard it! You can wear this wrap in the water while you play with your other little peanuts! No need to keep baby under a tree far away from the pool. You can keep him with you while you splash in the water and the best part is that the material is so lightweight and breathable that baby will not get too hot during the summer in the wrap. And no need to have to take baby out of the wrap when you get out of the pool because it dries quickly and holds it shape! We had the best time spending a day at the pool with Stekki Bebe and trying out their wraps in person. All of the moms agreed how helpful it was to have a wrap they could wear in the water that allowed them to still play with their other kids in the water. Check out more from our day below!

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