20 Apr

Tea Party with Munchkin

Much of our day consists of taking care + trying to entertain our little peanuts. In this crazy day and age of electronics and smart phone we sometimes forget how important it is to slow down and enjoy traditional + imaginative play. It can be as easy as setting up a little table with some cookies + cups filled with water or juice for mini tea party!

We love Munchkin products because of their innovative designs + the wide range of their use. We truly use their products on a daily bases that helps us as parents + also make for great play toys! For our mini tea party we used the No Tip Toddler Cup that have a weighted base which helps transition your big kid to an open cup without the stress of accidental bumps at mealtime or playtime. We also used the Tea Set that is perfect for playtime as well as bathtime!

Our goals over the next couple of months as we transition into summer is to spend less time on the electronics and more time playing + building our little peanuts imaginations with simple activities. We hope this will encourage you to join us on this mission!

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