13 Oct

The Orbit Stroller

If you have been following along the last couple of weeks or checked out the latest magazine issue you will see that we have been reviewing some of the top strollers on the market right now. Buying a stroller is an investment for any family and we want to help you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

The Orbit Stroller is the perfect ride for trips to + from the big city. If you are one who is always on the go, then this stroller was made for you! With easy loading + 360 degree swivel, there’s no question about how this baby got its name. From the minute we took this stroller out of the box, we knew it was love at first site. Not only does it have a sleek + modern look, but the functionality of this stroller is every mother’s dream. It really does have all the bells + whistles + is, in our opinion, something you can’t live without!

Our absolute number one stroller must-have is a cup holder. Trust us when we say to never buy a stroller without a cup holder built in or as an additional accessory. This may seem like such a small thing, but we learned the hard way that it truly is an everyday necessity. And this stroller gives us just that! A few other features we love about this stroller: the adjustable handles which make the transition to different heights a breeze, the large cargo basket to carry all of your families necessities, the easy rotation of the seat for a variety of views, and the one-handed fold for seriously easy storage!


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This system is perfect to grow with your little peanut + a growing family because of the genius sidekick stroller board option which we are completely obsessed with. We might even have to argue that this is the best invention when it comes to baby gear! This “skate board” can quickly be moved to either side of your stroller, and you can add up to two sidekicks to your stroller for an unprecedented 3-child solution. If you have bigger toddlers + children who like the independence of not being strapped in but still need a little push from time to time, then this is hands down the best solution for you!

Another awesome feature, if you decide to add more babies to the family, is that the G3 stroller converts to a double stroller with a Helix Plus Upgrade Kit. There are so many amazing options + features, and we just can’t say enough good things about this stroller! The Orbit Stroller has definitely raised the standard for stroller systems, and we are for sure on the bandwagon! This stroller is a one-time investment that will lovingly become a part of your family for many scenic trips around the city for years to come.

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  1. Holly Hicks-Guski says:

    This Orbit Stroller is by far my all time dream stroller! We love every single feature it offers. And you are so so right about making sure it has a cup holder! I know it seems small and not a priority. But as a mom of 4 boys. It’s definitely a must when out and about! We love that amazing kick board in the back for our other son who’s legs still get tired. But he doesn’t want to sit in a stroller! Thank you so much for this amazing review. You’re family is beautiful! And we too hope to save enough money to own this amazing dream stroller soon! This mama would be in tears of joy ❤️

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