04 Jun

Tubby Time with Munchkin

Rub-a-dub-dub! Little Munchkin’s in the tub! If your little peanuts are anything like ours they are constantly wanting to get in the tubby. Doesn’t matter the time of day, they just want to get in and play! And let’s be honest. We let them because it keeps them entertained for a few minutes while giving us a little time to breath! Water play indoor and outdoor is not only fun but also provides opportunities for extended learning. Water play fosters learning in all developmental areas and provides opportunities for children to experiment with math and science concepts, strengthen their physical skills, advance their social and emotional skills, and enhance language development.

What would tubby time be without some fun + functional water toys?! For years our little ones have loved the clever + innovative products by Munchkin. They carry everything from tubs and rinsers to toys and products for making tubby time as safe as possible. Our current favorites would have to be the Duck Tub,  Gone Fishing PoleSea Buddy Squirts, and the Bath Crayons. Our problem is keeping all of our toys organized and the Blue Super Scoop + their new Bath Caddy have been doing the job perfectly!

Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier, and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Munchkin.comTargetBabies’R’UsWalmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things! Check out more with our Lunch with Munchkin as well!

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– Duck Tub
– Spout Gard + Cup
– Grippy Dots
– Swimming Penguin Blue
– Gone Fishing
– Boat Train Blue
– Sea Buddy Squirts
– Bath Crayons
– Blue Super Scoop
Bath Caddy

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