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Adventuring Through South Africa | with Travel Little One

One of our all time favorite stores we’ve featured in our mag issues is this travel adventure feature with Travel Little One! We are adventurers at heart and love being able to show our little peanuts different vies of the world we live in and create lasting memories together. We were beyond thrilled to be able to share this beautiful families adventure through South Africa in our current issue and we are showing off even more from this trip today! We will warn you right now… there are a lot of images! But how could we not share a lot of images from this incredible trip?! You will instantly feel like you need to pack your family up and head to the nearest mountain or ocean!

“We are the Baske’s, a German family of four who loves to travel, explore the beauty of nature and to expand our culinary knowledge together with our two daughters, who are now 3 years and 15 months old. In the beginning of 2016 we traveled through South Africa for 2 months and our great goal – except from soaking up all the beauty of nature – was to have more time together as a family, to really live in the moment and enjoy the little things. We wanted to really slow down – something that is easily said but not always realistic in every day life. We planned this trip by ourselves and decided where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see, with no time schedule. It was perfect because we were able to go where the weather took us!

We started our adventure in Jobrug which is the second largest city in Africa. The flight was good, there was no jet leg and we were just so looking forward to spending the first two weeks in a safari camper. A true adventure! We drove down south to the Drakensberg Mountains and up through the Sani Pass. This winding trail is the only vehicle route over the Drakensberg escarpment and into the Kingdom of Lesotho. The girls had so much fun driving up the steep route, crossed by little rivers and giant waterfalls. The majestic mountains and impressive coast lines were so breathtaking and amazing and we simply loved having nature surrounding us while we camped and enjoyed the art of slow living. During this time we realized again how much our girls learned just by being in the nature, trusting in their natural curiosity and creativity. We as parents made a decision – when back in Germany, we want to finally fulfill a lifetime dream of ours to move by the mountains. Our time in South Africa literally changed our lives.

TIP: Check out the ‘Coast to Coast’ guide to find information about good campsites all over South Africa.

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There are so many beautiful beaches in South Africa. Sometimes very long ones, where you can not see the end, sometimes little ones, surrounded by rocks and sometimes on the foot of magnificent cliffs. The views are amazing! When we were there the water was mostly too cold to swim in so we had fun building little sand holes and putting water inside like a little pool. It worked out perfectly for the girls and they were happy to play with ‘their water’. Our favorite beaches around cape town to visit:

– Noordhoek “Long Beach”

– Misty Cliffs and the Scarborough Beach

– Windmill Beach, Simon’s Town

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We stayed at Babylonstoren, one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms with the most beautiful cottage accommodations ever. We where able to spend 3 days in this simply amazing place with beautiful gardens and vineyards. It was like a Alice in Wonderland kind of feeling when walking through the gardens with all the fruits and veggies, flowers of every kind and a giant cactus field. The restaurant ‘Babel’ offers seasonal food from their very own garden. If you are planning a trip to South Africa I would say this is a must!

LittlePeanutMag_Travel_Little_ones_SouthAfrica_4 TLO_ZA (1 von 1)-97 TLO_ZA (1 von 1)-93 TLO_ZA (1 von 1)-94 TLO_ZA (1 von 1)-100 TLO_ZA (1 von 1)-103 TLO_ZA (2 von 2) LittlePeanutMag_Travel_Little_ones_SouthAfrica_3 TLO_ZA (1 von 1)-87We hope this beautiful feature has inspired you to adventure with your children. Even if it’s just an afternoon nature walk or a fishing trip to the local pond. And a big thank you to the Baske family for letting us virtually tag along on this adventure!

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