08 Oct

Baby Nathan’s Birth Story

Happy Wednesday morning!  We are thrilled to share with you yet another beautiful birth story captured by the oh so talented Stefanie Harrington.  Sweet baby Nathan was welcomed by his darling parents Emily and Justin.


This birth story is a special one in so many ways. I didn’t quite know just how special until I flew from DC to Santa Rosa Beach on the Emerald Coast in Florida. So much hope, so much patience, so much love and heartache. I know the baby’s parents were holding their breaths throughout this pregnancy, not daring to celebrate it too much for fear of more heartache.


Every birth story has its own tales to tell. And one thing I’ve learned through my own 2 child births, my friends’ stories, my clients’ stories is that babies have their own agenda. Even when you cross your fingers and toes for your scheduled induction and your birth photographer has flown into town, they like to arrive on their terms no matter the ideas we may have about their arrival. This little one was apparently determined to arrive by C-section. I wasn’t allowed to photograph his actual arrival via surgery, because he had to very quickly enter this world, but I joined his parents as they were getting ready to meet him and as soon as his Mama was able to hold him in recovery. The look on her face as she holds her newest love is one that I recognized immediately. It is a look of utter relief, gratitude, love. And hope. So much love and hope.


I love documenting every single one of my client’s milestones and celebrations, but birth photography is probably the most humbling experience I’ve had. To have the honor of witnessing another woman labor in childbirth, to watch and photograph as a couple welcomes a child, to see the incredible joy and relief on their faces, to see their love for each other and for their newborn baby, it is amazing beyond words. And that I was asked to document this story for a fellow photographer was even more flattering (and nerve racking). 


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  1. Emily Morgalis says:

    I am so glad that we had stefanie come to photograph Nathan’s birth. I can say without a doubt that these photos are some of my most cherished possessions. We were not prepared for all the drama of the baby’s birth and it all went by in a blur. Thanks to Stefanie though, I am able to look at these images and remember all of the things that went by so fast the first time. My only regret is that I didn’t have Stefanie there to capture the birth of my first two. Thank you, thank you for this amazing memory! She captured it beautifully!

  2. Hilda Fields says:

    I am Nathan’s grandma. It was wonderful to have Stefanie with us during the birth of Nathan. When things did not go according to plan, she sat with me in the waiting room and tried to reassure me that everything would be okay. We were thrilled with the beautiful moments she was able to capture. Thanks again.

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