26 Jun

Busy Bags {Color Pops}

We are so excited to share this darling (and easy) diy craft, also known as a busy bag!  What is a busy bag exactly?  Busy bags are simple activities made to keep our little peanuts busy.  The bags pack up nicely, making them a great on the go activity.  We are loving the idea of having multiple busy bags this Summer in an effort to keep our little ones entertained and learning too!  Busy bags engage the mind, and depending on which busy bag you create, you can focus on different types of skills and ways to learn.


Today we are sharing the busy bag we’ve named “Color Pops”.  This bag promotes coordination, teaching our littlest ones how to put the popsicle on the stick.  It also is a matching game, as they learn to put the yellow popsicle on the yellow stick.  We made a handful of the same busy bag, and had a swap with other mommas!  It turned out so great, and now we have multiple bags, and each of them are a different activity!  Here are the simple instructions for how to make “Color Pops”:




For this bag you will need, felt fabric, craft sticks, and glue!  Trace the shape of the popsicle you want to go on the sticks.  From the scraps, cut a little square to glue on the bottom of the craft stick so you can match the colors on the right sticks.  Sew two shapes together from each color.


Have you made a busy bag before?  We’d love to hear in the comments below!


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