22 Nov

Kids Friendsgiving with Gathre

The holiday season is always full of of collecting memories and bringing people near… that is way we love + cherish it so much! Today are friends over at Gathre are sharing their darling kids friendsgiving party with us!  The little peanuts politely passed their food, listed precious things they were grateful for, and made MerMag‘s pilgrim craft. “A grateful heart is rich in contentment” and we all have something to be grateful for!

Some tips for hosting your own friendsgiving!

“We opted to keep our menu really simple. Instead of a turkey, we used a rotisserie chicken. It had the same effect for the kids and made our lives much easier 🙂 We also tried to include simple things like fruit, rolls, and pre-made pies in our spread. The kids loved the mini pies we found at target. And they were only 99 cents, so a win-win. We added in a few simple decorations that spoke of fall and that was pretty much it!

Overall, planning and hosting your own friendsgiving can be as simple or complex as you’d like, but we found that the little things go a long way and these sweet kids were easy to please. The most important thing for us was that they got to experience a bit of gratitude this season. And they did so in such a charming way.”

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