21 Sep

Meet Baby Behr

It’s time that we officially introduce you all to the newest member of the Little Peanut Family, Behrett “Behr” Bailey! Our sweet little nugget was born on August 14, 2017 at 8:05 in the morning weighing 7.8 ounces and 20 inches long of pure goodness! We’ve taken the past month off to really soak in as much of his sweet smells + tender cuddles as we could! We’ve really enjoyed slowing things down a bit but we are excited to get back into things and we’ve got some great stuff including more newborn + baby features coming your way!

So what’s it like with three boys? In one word, unreal. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have three boys that I grew + nurtured in my belly, birthed and now raising. I feel like over the past month I find my self staring at all three of my boys really trying to take in all of their unique features and going back and forth on who they look like…. what features they got from me (not very many) and what features they got from their daddy. I just truly can’t believe that I have three beautiful + healthy boys!

We had our first two boys almost exactly two years apart and there were defiantly hard times dealing with two littles boys. But I truly love that they are close in age and now that they are a little older they are the bestest of friends and do everything together. We debated for a while about adding a third baby to the family. It was a big decision for us because we did love the family dynamic of just us four and had finally got out of the “crazy baby stage” and was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with our oldest being 7 and our middle son being 5. Ultimately though I just had this feeling deep down that I wasn’t done and we needed one more sweet soul to complete our family. I’m so glad we decided to have a little gap between Bennie and Behr. This time around I’m older and more mature + I feel like where I’m at in my life now has made the experience of having a new baby even more enjoyable. ┬áBeing older + more calm and patient has really helped me to just take every moment in and truly enjoy it. To not stress over every little thing but rather love every phase of babyhood. Even the sleepless nights and chaotic schedules. I know any mom can completely relate when I say time goes by so crazy fast. Like heartbreakingly fast, so we all need to try and slow things down just a little bit and take it all in. Every sweet sound, smell, snuggle, early morning feeding, diaper change etc.

Our family is complete and there are no words to express how much love + light baby Behr has added to our family. I’m still amazed at how much room our hearts hold for our babies and it only continues to grow and grow. I’m truly grateful to be able to have children and I’m honored to be an all boy mom! It’s a pretty big responsibility to raise smart, strong, respectful, compassionate boys and I only hope that I can teach them to be all those things + more. To dream big and work hard. To respect others even if they are different. To love unconditionally. The adventures of motherhood are daunting but so rewarding and I’m excited to have one more chance to experience everything that being a mother has to offer. To all three of my boys… I hope you know + feel how much I love.


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