22 Jul

Milk Carton Boats {Kids Crafts}

What to do with those left over milk or juice cartons? Make boats of course! We love getting creative with things we have just lying around the house and our little peanuts sure think its pretty awesome when their milk carton changes into a boat to hold their action figures! If you have little girls this craft is perfect for them as well… think pink stripes, glitter and Barbies Yacht!


Start out with an empty milk or juice carton. Have your little peanuts start by painting the whole carton white. Once that is dry let them have fun decorating their boat with their favorite colors. {Tip: we always have a box of craft paints on hand. They are cheap and we use them all the time for crafts} After the boat is completely dry help your kiddos cut a whole in the top to be able to put toys in the boat. We used a BBQ skewer stick and some left over fabric we had lying around for the flag. You could also use felt instead of fabric. And there you have it! A Easy + totally fun afternoon summer craft. We’ve also seen juice box boats with this same concept that are totally adorable! Next time we have left over juice boxes we know what we will be doing!


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