09 Oct

Paint Me Pink’s Halloween Paper Dolls

Today Norma with Paint Me Pink is with us and we couldn’t be more excited.  We absolutely adore her blog.  She is an artist, lover of all things pretty, DIYer, lover of shabby chic and vintage decor, and has the tendency to gravitate towards pink girly things.  She has created the cutest Halloween Paper Dolls to share with us.  We hope you and your little peanuts have some Halloween fun with these, we know we will!

Happy October, the perfect month to celebrate pumpkins, fallen leaves and the most important thing to kids, trick or treating. As a mommy of three little ones, all under the age of seven, sometimes it’s hard finding little projects that don’t require messy paint and glue. My oldest daughter, Juliet, is quite the little artist and is always drawing something for me. Lately she’s been drawing costume ideas of what she wants to be for Halloween this year. Her drawings inspired me to re-create them and into paper dolls. Do you remember the last time you’ve seen or played with paper dolls? Inspiration is everywhere and most of my inspiration and creativity comes from my children. Even though I drew this cute set of paper dolls, Juliet was very much involved with this project. She showed me how her costumes should look from the colors they should be to the stripes and polkadot details. Her eyes lit up when her drawings came to life, so naturally I had to name the paper doll “Juliet”. Since I have two girls and a boy I couldn’t leave the little boys out so I also made a boy paper doll printable. From scary ghosts to little witches your little ones will enjoy mixing and matching these fun Halloween costumes. Paper dolls are a wonderful way to encourage kids to use their imagination and it’s mess free! 

These free printables come with three costumes each. All you need is 8.5″x11″ thick card stock paper and scissors! Print, cut, and play. Download “Little Miss Juliet” from the Trick or Treat Dress Up Paper Doll collection HERE
Download “Little Luke” from the Trick or Treat Dress Up Paper Doll collection HERE

Tip: You can cut the strips that connect the costumes to be wider or longer which may help hold better.

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  1. Kelly says:

    These are so adorable! Thanks!!
    XO Kelly

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