02 Apr

Zack’s Lemonade + Cookie Shack

We feel very fortunate to call Mikki Platt our friend. Not only do her photography talents blow us away on a daily basis, her family life is one from a storybook. She truly is a superstar momma on every level. She introduced us to Zack Francom. The sweetest 9 year old boy who is here to remind us of what a beautiful world we live in. His journey with a Lemonade + Cookie Shack is one that is sure to make your heart swell. Zack is selling homemade goods at his “Shack” + donating the funds to kids or adults who need a wheelchair, but cannot afford it.


Four years ago, Zack sold enough goods to cover the donation of one wheelchair. The next year, he raised enough for 15. Last year? He donated enough for 21 wheelchairs. And this year, after 400 Dozen cookies were baked and sold…he raised enough to purchase over 40 wheelchairs.



“Zack is a one of a kind kid!  He’s energetic, creative, outgoing, determined and SWEET!  I was so touched by the whole family’s effort to help Zack accomplish his goal.  These days it’s a rare thing to find a KID who understands working hard and helping others.  I’m so impressed with Zack’s parents and how they’re raising their son to be this way.  He’s a normal kid, with a big heart and he also happens to be a super awesome big brother too!” – Mikki Platt


Way to go Zack!! We are rooting for you + we are excited to help. You will find more information + donation links here.  A special thank you to Mikki for capturing these precious pictures + to Zack for just being down right awesome!

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